Online shopping has replaced the means to shop by letting you go for them out at home rather than looking for the best fit in a store. Most of the brands put forward a try-out period of no lee than 100 nights so that you could give it a try for few months for the sake of your comfort testing without any sanction.

Also, boxed mattresses are squeezed and winded up, so they get handed over to you to set up to your satisfaction. Here we will guide you “how to buy online mattress?”

Considerations when shopping for an online mattress:

1-Delivery options:

There are two types of delivery options for mattresses. One is the boxed delivery service, in which the customer selects the delivery time and date. The boxed shoppers buy the mattress from the best nearby store and hand it over to the customer at his/her door. Another is the white glove delivery service, in which the products are either transported or shipped and are handled with care due to larger size, worth and delicacy. 

Mostly, the mattresses are boxed delivered, i.e., by scheduling, while some are provided by white-glove service, i.e., the old mattress is replaced by the new one without any effort. 

Interestingly, it is found the white glove delivery to be less problematic than a scheduled box delivery. And with troubles around COVID-19, the proposal of contactless delivery is even more pleasing.

2-Return policy: 

There must be a testing period for the customers to sleep on their bed to test the comfort for at least one month. If you don’t find the right choice for you, the brands usually donate them after returning them their mattresses back.


Mattresses made of foam provide stress-relief and frame your body, whereas the innersprings and metal coils have a strenuous and springy sensation.

Hybrid models couple the two, although hybrid mattresses delivered through boxed service tend to be more comfortable than conventional models that can’t be winded up.


Most of the mattresses delivered by boxed service are made up of foam, so search for legal certifications to prevent chemicals’ harmful levels.

5-Your bed’s base:

Some mattresses especially made up of foam, function correctly on a flat and hard surface. If you have narrow strips boundary, they should be close to prevent the mattress from sinking. Measure the frame so that mattress fits well in it.

6-Your sleep preferences: 

Your sleeping posture decides what kind of mattress you need to sleep and relax on; the aim is to keep your back adjusted. Side sleepers need a soft mattress to provide a mild to medium sensation to temper the shoulders and hips, reducing pain due to pressure. Stomach sleepers need to sleep and relax on the best hard mattress. Back sleepers usually rest on a medium-hard to a hard mattress. For a combination sleeper, the mattress should have a medium feel to assist any sleeping posture.


To conclude, you must know what you should consider while buying mattresses of your own choice, especially during the COVID-19 period.